Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting to the Finish Line

Sashing and Quilting Completed

Finally finished with this little bugger. About two weeks ago I had hoped to finish the quilt using my Janome sewing machine. Alas when I attempted to top stitch the damn thing there was just too much friction and too much thickness; it wouldn't go through. For a moment I wanted to either scream or cry. I had so hoped to have it completed in time to give to someone for their Christmas present. Well the gods refused.

The next day I drove to our nearest quilting store and purchased a hoop, quilting needles, thread and quilting thimble, watched a couple of Youtube videos on hand quilting and I was off. 

I had NO idea how time consuming hand quilting was. And as I spent the next two weeks hand quilting I wondered to myself why in the world anyone would knowingly decide to hand quilt??? I've never been more anxious and frustrated to get a project completed. Every night I came home from work I trudged into my studio and worked the quilt some more; it seemed as if it would never end.

On Christmas Eve I finally completed the quilt. And the funny thing is this, as I was six inches away from completing the quilt I was overcome with sadness. I didn't WANT to finish it! What the hell is that all about I wonder?

Anyway, I finished it, wrapped it up inside a box which I will ship out tomorrow. 

There's a strange feeling when I finish a project like this, I can't quite explain it, but it's like having to say goodbye to a really good friend. As if a piece of you is taken away.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plaid Crazy Quilt

All quilt squares are completed.
I've been working on this crazy quilt for about ten days. This is what kept me up till 4 am last Saturday. I was having so much fun I just didn't want to stop! The quilt is made of plaid flannels, some of the fabric is actually from shirts and pajamas I used to wear. Since this is going to be a present I like to try and incorporate pieces of myself (i.e. my clothing) into quilts like this.

Spacers added.

The black heart is fabric from my brother's work shirt; the red and black plaid is fabric from a shawl I wore to my senior prom; and the green heart is fabric from a 1960s dress my mother wore dancing.
I expect to be done by this weekend. I'm not quite certain what design I am going to use to top-stitch the sandwich together, but I figure a design will come to me. Although I am excited about finishing it, there is also a part of me that dreads completion of this piece...don't know why.

Monday, December 6, 2010


This is how I have been feeling the last few weeks. I've been soaring, like that crow, hitching a ride on the back of creativity. Several projects have been started and are in various stages of completion. Friday nights have found me completely immersed in a project and forcing myself to bed at 4 am wondering where the time went.

I can't think of a better feeling. Total focus and connection. And connection to what? Source Energy? The Zone? The Universe? God? What is it that comes over us and makes us forget about time, food, drink and bathroom breaks? I don't know what it is, but I love it and I want more of it!