Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crow Tales


In April of this year we were honored by the arrival of a very friendly black crow. She (we think its female) suddenly showed up, along with two other crows. But 'our' crow is different. We named her “Wonk” for the sound she makes upon her morning and late afternoon visits in search of handouts. And by handout, I mean a literal handout. 

This girl has no fear and flies right into an open porch area and demands her tortilla chips. She is also fond of chicken, peanut butter, and raisins. Not necessarily together. She does not like onions. It is the highlight of the day to see her swooping down from the loblolly pine trees and onto the deck. We quickly scurry to get her some food and sometimes, if we are lucky, she will even land on one of our shoulders and let us feed her from there. 

Wonk has a bum left claw and sometimes walking is difficult. Her claw seems to get tangled up underneath and she has to use her beak to set her toes straight. But she is a masterful flyer and has a great, if demanding, personality. 

I made this small wall hanging in her honor. We haven't seen her for almost 10 days now and we worry. Regardless of whether or not she returns, she has given us some lovely memories.

Here is a little video of the girl eating a tortilla chips. We miss you Wonk! Come back!


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