Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Christmas Banner

I don't know why I do this to myself. I've added another item to my "To Do" list. Although this one is pretty basic and it will be complete by November. I just thought it looked so cute, it would give me a break from quilting and I could learn some embroidery to boot!

What I did was sign up to be a part of Sewhappy Sewalong sponsored by The project lasts for 8 weeks. Each week we get a pattern along with instructions for one block of the banner. On the final week the instructions will be given to put it all together! Fun idea, no?

So I finished my first block. Although I think we were supposed to stick to just doing embroidery; well I could not help myself and ended up making more work for myself. I just couldn't do it the easy way. I claim artistic license.  Regardless, here are a couple pictures of my first block, I kind of like it! And I think having seven of these, all different designs strung together is going to look pretty cool.

I know that green mass on the left is supposed to be his sack full o' presents, but it looks more like a large green growth sprouting from his back!

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